High Performance Motion Simulators


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How can I order?

Send us a quotation demand using the form here. We will answer you soon with a quotation including shipping for the address you provided. We never ever share the information you provided, and we don't use it for other things. Payment is done in two times: 50% at order time, 50% when the simulator is assembled, tested, ready for shipping. If you want to proceed with the order, send the first payment.


What is the usual production/ shipping delay?

4 weeks for production, shipping usually takes 3 to 7 working days. It depends where you want it delivered.


Do your products require maintenance?

We design our products to avoid maintenance, with very sturdy parts requiring no lubrication or self lubricating parts when it matters. 


What happens if something breaks?

In such case, contact us through email, and we will find together what's wrong. Our products are easy to disassemble, we give you a detailed procedure and you can send us the part. We then fix it in our workshop, changing only what's necessary. Most of the time, repairs do not cost much because we produce and assemble everything. See guarantee and support.


What are the dimensions?

Weight: 35Kg - 77lbs  
Overall width: 54cm - 21.3"
Overall length: 73cm - 28,7" (bottom board alone is 56cm/22" long)
Overall height: 96cm - 37.8"
Sitting height: 30.5cm - 12"

You can see a picture with the dimensions of the GS-Cobra. (tab Dimensions at the bottom of the page)


How much noise does the GS-Cobra make?

The GS-Cobra motion simulator uses rack and pinion actuators, much more silent than ballscrew actuators used by many motion simulators (SCN5, SCN6...). It makes a similar noise as a force feedback wheel.


Can I use the GS-Cobra directly on the floor?

Yes, the GS-Cobra motion simuator is stable and does not slip on most surfaces, thanks to it's weight and the bottom panel being covered with artificial leather. The sitting height (30.5cm - 12") is also realistic for a vehicle, so no need to place it on support.


Can I integrate the GS-cobra in a cockpit?

Yes, you just need to place it on the profiles of the cockpit, so that they support the GS-Cobra under it's entire width. It is important to have vertical side panels well supported by the cockpit. If needed, the GS-Cobra can be secured to an existing cockpit with wood screws.


What are the power, system requirements?

The power supply 110/230V is compatible with US and UK power network, you just need to use an adapter for the plug (not included). See more about  the requirements (tab Power - Software at the bottom of the page)


What do I need for a racing/flight sim setup?

A PC computer running windows, respecting the requirements of the supported title you want to play. You can see the full list of supported titles here. VR headset is not required, a screen is good.

Analog controllers, like a joystick, a yoke, a steering wheel and pedals.

A place to install controllers. It can be a simple desk for the simplest setup, or a flight/racing stand, or a full cockpit made of aluminum profiles.


Can I feel vertical g-forces?

The GS-Cobra motion simulator makes you feel lateral and longitudinal forces the best. Vertical forces are felt through the longitudinal axis. It does not replicate the guts feeling of positive or negative vertical Gs, but it gives the sensation of being compressed against the backrest.

For example, when climbing and pushing the stick in a flight simulator, the backrest makes you feel the negative Gs by releasing it's pressure against your back. This makes you feel lighter.As the mobile backrest releases it's pressure against your back, it naturally moves backward, and as a result the harness gets more tense. This is coherent with negative Gs in a plane, when your body pushes against the harness.

On the contrary, when experiencing positive Gs, the backrest will push quite strongly against your back to make you feel like you are pressed against the seat. As the mobile backrest moves forward, the tension on the harness gets lower.


Will it be too strong for me?

You can freely adjust the level of forces in our software the GSeat Manager, from 0% to 100%. Moreover, you can selectively lower the components of the forces you don't like. For example you can tune down quick vibrations while keeping everything else, or tune down vertical forces, or forces related to banking...etc. See the page about our software.