High Performance Motion Simulators


The GS-Cobra comes with a 1 year guarantee. See below for the full document in PDF.

This comes on top of the 2 years european guarantee against hidden defect (a defect in the product which was present from the delivery day but was discovered later).

Whenever a problem occurs, here is how we proceed:

  • contact us through e-mail or on this page and we find together what and where is the problem.
  • following our detailed procedure, you then remove the problematic part and send it to us. We designed our products so they can be quite easily disassembled, with a screwdriver and a couple wrenches.
  • we repair or change the part, and send you the part back so you can place it back.

We cover the cost of part repair/replacement during the guarantee period.

After the guarantee you are charged with the cost of repairs (parts and work).

We produce everything so we don't have to replace entirely an actuator if there is a problem (unlike other simulators using SCN-5/6 actuators), we only replace the parts needed.

Usually, repairs cost less than 50 euros, we don't make money on repairs, we sell working simulators!


Full document of the guarantee here (.pdf file)