Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems: immersive products


We are a team of enthousiast computer simulations users. In the last decade, personal computers and consoles have been used to render photo realistic environments and simulate complex physics with an unprecedented level of accuracy. 

Vehicles simulations (racing, flight) became very realistic on personal computers, thanks to performant controllers (steering wheels, HOTAS, yokes) , surround sound systems and large field of view displays (projectors, multiple screens). But something is still missing: tactile sensations. We need these as much as visual and audio cues to achieve a fantastic immersion.


We think motion simulators should no longer be restricted to scientific labs nor exclusive entertainment places, and should be part of the experience for every computer simulation enthousiast, like surround sound and display today. That is why we created the GS-105, the compact and powerful motion simulator we wanted for us.


Geko Systems is based in Poland, and our production is entirely made in Poland too.


Geko Systems

Ul. Boguslawskiego 7/19
30-106 Kraków




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