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GS-Cobra motion simulator, red and black

GS-Cobra Motion Simulator User Guide

Before using the GS-Cobra, it is essential to read this entire guide and all instructions.


GSeat Manager

 The GSeat Manager software makes the link between your simulations and the GS-Cobra, GS-105 motion simulator, extracting and adjusting forces according to the profiles you prefer. Required.

05/03/2024 Added support for Le Mans Ultimate, bug fix for Forza Motorsports

07/01/2022: Added support for F1 2022, Effect forces generated by the GSeat Manager in flight simulations (rolling and engine vibrations) are now in a separate forces group (FX) to allow separate adjustment.

11/03/2021: Bug fixes, Dirt Rally 1-2 is now a separate source from Dirt 2-4 and has 6 dedicated profiles!

06/15/2021: Added support for BeamNG Drive! Improved sensations for Dirt games with a new algorithm. Added a combobox to filter profiles per source game. Additional profiles for  DCS, FSX, Xplane, Aerofly, FS 2020 don't need to be imported anymore.

02/22/2021: Improved sensations in Forza Motorsports 7, Forza Horizon 4, with a brand new telemetry algorithm.

12/17/2020: new XPlane plugin allows to drive a GS-Cobra/GS-105 on a different PC than the PC running XPlane (reinstalling XPlane plugin is required).

09/08/2020: Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 added, 20 profiles added (one for each plane in the standard edition)

Additional profiles for DCS, FSX, XPlane, Aerofly, FS2020 are now included, you just need to use File>Import Profiles to add the profiles you need.

03/24/2020: Update for Aerofly FS2.

12/16/2019: Support for KartKraft. You need to turn on the UDP telemetry in KartKraft settings, and use one of the provided profiles.

04/25/2019: Support for IL-2 Great Battles!! update for RRRE

04/09/2019: Improvements for X-Plane (see also X-Plane optional profiles in profiles section)