Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators


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GSeat Manager

 The GSeat Manager software makes the link between your simulations and the GS-105 motion simulator, extracting and adjusting forces according to the profiles you prefer. Required.

03/24/2020: Update for Aerofly FS2.

12/16/2019: Support for KartKraft. You need to turn on the UDP telemetry in KartKraft settings, and use one of the provided profiles.

04/25/2019: Support for IL-2 Great Battles!! update for RRRE

04/09/2019: Improvements for X-Plane (see also X-Plane optional profiles in profiles section)

11/02/2018: Support added for Assetto Corsa Competizione

04/04/2018: Updated support for DCS World (Mirage 2000c among other planes), support added for Gas Guzzlers

11/07/2017: Project Cars 2 new telemetry format supported

10/20/2017: Update for NFS Shift 2, Kart Racing Pro

09/29/2017: Added support for F1 2017, Dirt 4, Project Cars 2


GS-105 User Guide

Before using the GS-105, it is essential to read this entire guide and all instructions (printed copy included in package).