" Live, feel, sweat as the race or your flight unfolds, fearing a crash."

Tristan Devanthery, Switzerland, GS-Cobra (Translated from French)


GS-Cobra motion simulator installed on aluminum profiles cockpit

The observation is straightforward:

I can't imagine playing anymore without a dynamic seat. Using it changes your world. 

This is the difference between:

-Playing with one's little fingers on a flat screen, barely knowing if your machine is moving or not...


- Living, feeling, sweating as your race or your flight unfolds, fearing the crash.

One brake, accelerate, slide, corner... all this for less than 2000 euros.You will drive carefully. You will fly smoothly... like in reality.

All these sensations are very well reproduced, from the lightest to the most brutal.The install takes 2 minutes. Place the seat, plug the USB, the power, load the software and let's go.

The seat is very sturdy and reliable (After 3 years of intensive use, it did not move). I can only recommend it. With Geko I discovered a new world with little investment.


Tristan even made several videos of his GS-Cobra, just for us, many thanks to him!


 Simracing and Flight Simulation:


Flight Simulation alone:


Simracing alone: