"As someone who owns all three, regardless of the cost I would take the Geko-seat first, then the D-Box then the Rear Traction Loss"

Mark Prentice, Canada, Owner of GS-Cobra, GS-105, DBox, Rear traction loss

" I developed my full motion rig around your chair. Last spring I was at an F1 simulator facility that had $300,000 F1 style simulators and was disappointed.

I knew if I combined your technology with a little bit of motion it would blow their system out o the water. I was right.

I own a 425 hp,rear wheel drive, dual clutch, paddle shift road/track car and knew the sensations I was chasing. (the car is equipped to compete at a club sport level) [...]

Although I have a 4 point d-box and pivot rear traction loss working in concert with the geko seat, the other 2 systems don’t come to life without the Geko. The d-box and Rear Traction Loss systems are o.k. on their own but add the Geko chair and the realism  becomes magical. 

As someone who owns all three, regardless of the cost I would take the Geko-seat first, then the d-box then the Rear Traction Loss. [...]

All your competitors are trying to show movement to create realism or lack there of, while resisting the motion of your chair provides incredible sustainable forces that can be large and or very subtle, but in both cases extremely realistic. As I always say, If I was building another system I would start with the Geko chair. and thats someone who has D-box, Sim X -rear traction loss and a Geko. 

A little motion combined with your seat adds up to an experience that blows away a $300,000 commercial system.
BTW. I have tried seat mover systems and they are horrible, I almost got motion sickness and I never get that. Nothing is real about something that moves you away from the pedals and steering wheel.

Sorry for the long note, but I wanted to share with you, how good your system is, how scalable it is, and how it adds so much more realism to existing systems.

I honestly believe the Geko chair is one of the most misunderstood pieces of sim equipment in the market. "


Mark's amazing simulation rig in action: