High Performance Motion Simulators


Motion simulators attempt to reproduce the forces you can feel on your body when driving a vehicle. Motion simulators tremendously increase immersion and allow a much finer control of  vehicles in simulations and virtual reality.

Direct Force Feedback

The GS-Cobra motion simulator instantly applies accurate forces to your body, inducing a full-body response, like in a real vehicle. 

GS-Cobra motion simulator, visualization of forces

The upper backrest can push in any horizontal direction, thanks to two powerful electric actuators and a harness. When no force has to be simulated, it behaves like the backrest of a normal seat, holding your upper torso. But when a force has to be simulated, the backrest can reproduce instantly strong and detailed forces in any horizontal direction (up to 40 pounds/18Kg). 

It is very close to what happens in a vehicle: your legs and lower torso stay in place without much effort, but your arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs are working to keep your upper body still, even in the most adjusted bucket seat.

GS-Cobra motion simulator, transparent view of actuators

Full body response

With the GS-Cobra motion simulator, you actively take part in the simulation. Your muscles contract naturally to resist the G-forces like in a real vehicle, from your neck to your heels. 

On the animated pictures below you can see in yellow the muscles involved in each situation.

GS-105/GS-Cobra motion simulators, induced muscle reaction to acceleration and braking GS-105/GS-Cobra motion simulator, induced muscle reaction to lateral forces in turn
GS-105/GS-Cobra motion simulator, induced muscle reaction to vertical forces

A game changer

The GS-Cobra is the only motion simulator capable of simulating sustained forces, as long as needed, without parasitic forces. This is entirely different from a motion simulator in which you are passively tossed around for half a second before the actuators reach their range limit.

In the GS-Cobra, there is the same feedback loop between the simulated vehicle and your entire body, very natural and intuitive: when pressing the brakes, your body expects and receives an instant forward force and your legs, thighs, abs and back muscles contract at the same time.
Your muscle memory tells you how strong you are breaking, and you can feel immediately if something is abnormal in the vehicle behavior.

Actually, we designed our products because we did not like how affordable tilting motion simulators feel disconnected, laggy. We tried many motion simulators and never really felt this direct connection with the machine (even with quite expensive ones).

Direct force feedback is the answer!