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Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators


GS-105 Presentation

Presentation of the GS-105 motion simulator. Watch in 720p full screen to see more details.

 New presentation

A new presentation of the GS-105, with many view angles.


 Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)

Onboard video of Microsoft Flight Simulator X in a Piper Cub. Feel the handling, turbulence and more!


 GTR Evolution

7 exhilarating minutes in the GS-105 simulating a F3000 on the Nordschleife (software is GTR-Evo from Simbin).At 1:52 you can see how grass feels, at 6:10 high speed vibrations. Watch in 720p and full screen to appreciate the brutality of this car. 


Dirt 3 from Codemasters

A ride with the Citroen C4(TM) of Dirt 3 using the GS-105 motion simulator. Enjoy knowing exactly what the car is doing, catching the slides, feel how the surfaces react differently. Watch in 720p full screen to see more details.


 rFactor from ISI

 A ride in a powerful Caterham (Caterham mod) at Oran Park (Oran Park Lidar mod) with rFactor. Very accurate and detailed cars reactions, few slides catched: perfect demonstration of GS-105 reactivity. Watch in 720p full screen to see more details.



 A ride with the Spec Racer Ford of iRacing using the GS-105 motion simulator. iRacing definitely gives the best sensations a HD simulator can render. The Spec Racer, very prone to oversteer, has to be driven very carefully. At 2:22 during heavy braking you can see how the GS-105 makes you precisely feel what the rear of the car is doing and intuitively keep control. Watch in 720p full screen to see more details.