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Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators



thumb installGS1052Full install example with 3 projectors

GS-105 close topNew upholstery, ergonomic V-shaped cushions. GS-105 CloseupNew upholstery, lumbar support and reclined sitting.
GS-105 close topCustom 4 points harness with torso and shoulder pads. 8 adjustments points. Removable. GS-105 Closeup40Lbs force and 250 updates per second.
GS-105c side GS-105c top
GS-105 wide GS-105 top
GS-105 front right GS-105 front left
GS-105 floor left  GS-105
GS-105 side GS-105 side 3
GS-105 GS-105
GS-105 bottom side GS-105 front right 2
GS-105 back GS-105 far side
GS-105 back GS-105 back top
GS-105 frontFront. GS-105 FootFoot version, front, seat in low position. GS-105 backBack.
GS-105 backFoot version, back. GS-105 TopUpper mobile backrest. GS-105 closeupEntirely upholstered, enclosed mechanism.


Overall view Overall view