Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators


GearsMechanical performance

Degrees of freedom: 2(ability to simulate all forces in the horizontal plane) + vertical forces partially simulated through horizontal forces.

Actuators: 2 custom actuators built for this application.

Force resolution: 600 force levels possible on each degree of freedom. 250 forces updates per second.

Max force : 18Kg/40Lbs 

Max speed per actuator: 50cm/s 20"/s 

GS-105 Front

Bandwith: 50Hz

Mechanism: Full metal mechanism and gears, excepted two parts in acetal for noise reduction.

Frame: Wooden frame covered on all sides with PU foam and PU leather upholstery.

Harness: 4 points custom harness, removable.

Foot version only: Aluminium foot rotating with adjustable height  (gaz cylinder).




Safety built in feature turns off the force reproduction whenever link with computer is lost.

USB driven.

Full galvanic insulation to protect the computer.

Upgradable firmware.





Less than 1% CPU usage even on low end computers (AMD 64X2@2Ghz)

Possibility to control how forces resulting from vehicle trajectory, handling and attitude are mixed.

High definition control using 7 bands equalizers.





System Requirements

Windows-based PC

Pentium® processor or compatible

Windows® XP  or Windows® Vista® or Windows® 7 or Windows® 8.x

256 MB of RAM 

20MB of available hard disk space

USB 1.0 port

Requirements above only concern the GS-105.

Please refer to each specific game requirement.



GS-105 Foot

 Version with foot:

Overall width: 55cms

Overall length: 75cms 

Overall height:

  • low position: 83cms
  • high position: 93cm


Sitting height:

  • Low position: 34cms
  • high position: 44cms


Weight: 31Kg 


GS-105 Front


Version without foot: 

Overall width: 55cms 

Overall length: 75cms (bottom board alone is 63cms long)

Overall height: 80cms

Sitting height: 30cms


Warranty information

1 year limited hardware warranty


GS-105 Top view

Package contents

Geko Systems GS-105 motion simulator


Power supply

USB cord

User documentation

Storage case (for Harness, supply, cord and docs)

Only for foot version: Foot, gaz cylinder