Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators

Key Features

magnifierMotion simulation revisited

Based on a new concept, the GS-105 motion simulator is engineered to provide direct, strong and precisely accurate forces where it matters on your body.

Thanks to this new approach, the GS-105 motion simulator is the only simulator to provide:

  • strong and sustained high fidelity forces
  • virtually no delay in force rendering
  • no unwanted, parasitic force at all



With adjustable height the GS-105 motion simulator is suitable for both ground and aerial vehicle simulation.


Extreme control for extreme performance

Tailored to fully use the hardware capabilities, the GS-105 motion simulator software gives you unprecedented control in less than 1% CPU usage! Create custom profiles to feel exactly what you want to feel.


Minimum footprint, home friendly, cockpit friendly

55cmx75cm. No more than an office chair. Pure concentrate of power with a slick look.

Easy to integrate in existing cockpit. No need to attach display or controllers to the motion simulator.



With enclosed actuators, entirely upholstered frame, physically limited movement range, the GS-105 motion simulator is very user friendly. Automatic shut down in case the computer hangs or the link is broken. But remember, this is not a toy!