Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators


Simple to use...

SimpleSimple 3 steps simulator start.

To start the GS-105, only three quick steps are needed:

  • Choose a predefdined input profile (from which vehicle in which simulation you want to retrieve force)
  • Choose a predefined profile for the GS-105 (to adjust the forces felt to your liking)
  • Press the start button

Several predefined profiles are provided, one for every vehicles range in every supported simulation. This way you can enjoy high definition forces right out of the box.

...yet innovative and powerful.

AdvancedAdvanced mode

If you want to change predefined profiles, or create your own profiles, the GS-105 software provides innovative, professional level control:

  • Separate adjustment for forces generated by vehicle trajectory, handling and attitude.
  • Adjustment using 7-bands equalizers ( used like audio equalizer) for high definition results.

This way you can focus precisely on the most meaningful forces and frequencies for a given vehicle to extract vital handling information.

Written in C++ and carefuly optimized, this software takes very low memory usage, and runs in less than 1% CPU even on low range computers. It ensures you can keep the maximum framerate in game while using the GS-105.