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Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems motion simulators

Geko Systems: motion simulators

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  The GS-105 is the first true force feedback motion simulator. Other motion simulators tilt your body and you passively feel this tilting.

  The GS-105 motion simulator applies accurate forces to your body and like in a real vehicle, your body intuitively resists actively these forces. On the animated pictures below you can see in yellow the muscles involved in each situation. This innovative concept allows the GS-105 motion simulator to give much stronger and accurate forces than any other personal motion simulator, a tremendous immersion allowing fine control of cars and planes in racing simulations and flight simulations.

Animated GS-105CDummy_AccelBraking_thumb Animated GS-105CDummy_LeftRight_thumb
 Animated GS-105CDummy_Bumps_thumb